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Drupal Developer, Tech Lead

ten7 Location Remote Platinum Sponsor

TEN7 is looking for an experienced Drupal Developer who can lead project and support teams for our mission-driven clients.

Ideally, you have technical leadership experience and have led teams through cross-functional web development projects. But we're also open to you being an experienced Drupal Developer who's looking to grow your leadership skills. You must have at least 3 years of Drupal experience.

Silver Sponsor Listings

Web Developer and Other Positions

Lullabot Location Remote Silver Sponsor

Lullabot would like to encourage you to get on their radar as a possible future candidate for employment opportunities.

Bronze Sponsor Listings

Volunteers Needed!

MidCamp Location Remote Bronze Sponsor

MidCamp is happening on April 26-28, 2023. This Chicago-area event brings together designers, developers, users, and evaluators of the open-source Drupal content management software.

We will start the call for volunteers and sponsors for our 2024 camp in mid-September. Reach out to #midcamp-organizers in the MidCamp Slack and join the Drupal Chicago Meetup to keep an eye out for upcoming planning meetings.

Drupal Developer

Valuebound Location Remote Bronze Sponsor

Valuebound is in search of a seasoned Back-End Developer, well-versed in the Drupal platform, to join our dynamic team. Your role will involve custom module development, data migration, and leveraging a variety of web technologies. Expertise in Drupal 8, alongside strong analytical and problem-solving skills, will be key to driving our development projects forward.

Competencies Required